For Gem Buyers!!

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For Gem Buyers!!

Post  Drakluthol on Mon Nov 19, 2012 1:34 pm

Here's a little tip/tricks for those of you that are buying gems Smile

If you are buying gems to buy card packs, but fretting over the lack of space to create feeders?
Here's the trick for you.

Before buying the card packs, Make sure your deck is filled to the limit.
I.e, if you got 60 deck space, but only using about 25 space for your frontline and backline, fill the remaining 35 space with feeder cards first before buying the card packs.
By doing so, the cards that you bought from the card packs would be stored in your presents lists.
This would enable you to buy as many card packs you want without worrying about whether you have enough space for feeders Smile


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