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Code of Conduct

Post  blkblack on Tue Nov 20, 2012 10:25 pm

Welcome to SIN Alliance
We at SIN enjoys playing together and rocking it out during events. We maintain good sportsmanship and help each other out. Please review the Code of Conduct so that we all can have a good time playing and maintain a healthy relationship. Thanks for your support and welcome to SIN Alliance.

Code 1.01.01
Loyalty to the guild is number one on our list. If you want to be with a winning team then you must obey you guild leaders and do what is asked of you. Each guild is ran similarly but may have different rules.

Code 1.01.02
Guild jumping is prohibited and this rule is enforced unless otherwise voted by all guild leaders. Guild jumping will not be tolerated. If you join any SIN guild and you are a key player, don't ask!

Code 1.01.03
Violating another guild member in any way will call for immediate removal!!!

Codes may be updated daily. Please note that at any time, rules and regulations may change without notice. Have fun and help SIN rise to the top ranks!! Good luck and play safe.

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