Raid Event

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Raid Event

Post  xMisaaax3 on Wed Nov 21, 2012 12:21 pm

When: After odyssey, before battle royale
Uses: Mainly Power Potions
Special item: Orb of Sacred Light

During raid events, players are required to find themselves raid bosses through doing the event quest. Initially, the hit points of the boss is really low and can be killed in a hit. The more bosses you encounter, the higher the health of it goes till it reaches the cap for that event. You can call on either your friends or guild members to help finishing off a boss! However, do take note that during the half-time, getting a last hit is possible to get the secret boss which has millions of HP. Orb of Sacred Light allows you to do 1.5x the damage and secret bosses gives a 2x damage.

Note, only front line is used and it doesn't matter if the cards match your element. Equip your line with the highest attack power cards you have!

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