Enhancing Methods

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Enhancing Methods

Post  Drakluthol on Mon Nov 19, 2012 1:45 pm

There are various ways to enhance your cards!!

1) By using common cards directly.

2) By using non-leveled common ex cards.

3) By using Lv10 Common ex cards.

For method 3, first you evolved your common cards to their ex version (note, don't have to perfect evolved them)
Then, enhance those common ex to around level 9-11. Then enhance using 10 of those leveled common ex cards.

Personally, method 1 is a bit of a waste of money, and its not worth trying.
Method 2, also is money and time intensive. As the evolving of cards now have been made to become very time consuming.
Method 3, would be my personal preference, since in the long run, it will save your a lot of coins. Smile

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Re: Enhancing Methods

Post  misseva88 on Thu Nov 22, 2012 11:14 pm

I would like to add by stating that I find it's coins saving by enhancing with simple commons for the first 10 levels of the enhanced card. Enhancing a level 1 card will cost you 75 coins per enhancing card, enhancing a level 2 card will cost 125, level 3 will cost 175 coins and with every higher level it will cost an extra coins per card.

At level 11 it will cost 575 coins per card to evolve, which is the same cost of evolving two commons into a common ex. From that moment on it will be gold-wise interesting to evolve your cards via either method 2 or 3. Up to that moment I would advise to use method 1.


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