Rules for Trading!

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Rules for Trading!

Post  Drakluthol on Mon Nov 19, 2012 2:05 pm

Here are some rules for trading!

1) Be nice

2) No scamming. (why would you want to scam your guild-mates or alliance member?)

3) Guild/Alliance discount is for the seller to decide, it is not enforced. Don't beg for discounts either.

4) DO NOT CREATE MULTIPLES THREAD FOR THE SAME ITEMS! (best to create one thread for yourself, and keep updating it.)

5) Although there is no limitation on how many times you can bump your thread, please be considerate and not bumps too many times as other people need to get their stuff sold too Smile

6) Be respectful of both the sellers and buyers. They got their own valuation of their cards.
Compromise with each other on the value. In the event that you cant compromise, move on. There are lots of other sellers.

7) Lastly, please constantly update your thread (if you have one) so that both the buyers and sellers will know if you are still selling or buying the card.

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